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Mining Truth is running a video ad featuring the Mount Polley mine disaster statewide on television and online. In addition, Mining Truth ran a full page print ad in the February 3, 2015, St. Paul Pioneer Press.

PolyMet Public Input Resources

Mining Truth is organized tens of thousands of public comments on the PolyMet draft mine plan (Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement.) Here are downloadable versions of fact sheets people used to write constructive comments about the

Four Clean Water Principles

Mining Truth is asking Governor Dayton and Minnesota political leaders to adopt four Clean Water Principles. These four questions need to be answered “yes” before any sulfide mine should be permitted in Minnesota. Below are the background sheets on each question. 4 simple questions

These questions are important, since other sulfide mines in America and Canada have failed to protect water, local communities, and taxpayers from pollution. Below are fact sheets that use examples from other mines to project what could happen to Minnesota.

Mining Information Resources

Mining Truth FAQ coverMining Truth researches and reports on issues related to sulfide mining, from employment potential to water quality impacts. All reports include only credible information and cite reputable third-party sources.

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