Have your say on the PolyMet mine plan

The time has come to weigh in on PolyMet’s proposed sulfide mine. Mining Truth is making it easy for everybody to have their say on PolyMet, just click here to send a message to regulators.

Is PolyMet a good deal?

Friday, December 6th, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources released PolyMet’s draft mine plan, called the “Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement.” They also opened a three month public input period, when concerned citizens can weigh in on the proposal. The document is complex, but the choice for Minnesotans is simple: is 500 years of treating polluted water in exchange for 20 years of mining a good deal for Minnesota?

This summer, over 24,000 people (including nearly 5,000 in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District) signed the Mining Truth petition asking Governor Dayton and congressional leaders to use four common sense questions to evaluate sulfide mine proposals like PolyMet. However, PolyMet’s mine plan fails to prove that they can answer “yes” to a single one of these questions.

Will Minnesota’s water stay safe and clean?

No – PolyMet would create polluted water requiring expensive treatment for 500 years after they stop mining, and millions of gallons of untreated, polluted water would seep from the site every year into groundwater and nearby rivers.

Are there strong safeguards in place for when things go wrong?

No – PolyMet’s plan fails to plan for contingencies like pipeline breakages and extreme weather events.

Will the company leave the site clean and maintenance free?

No – PolyMet would leave behind a polluted site requiring hundreds of years of monitoring, treatment of polluted water, and site maintenance.

Will Minnesota taxpayers be protected?

No – PolyMet’s mine plan doesn’t provide details about how to calculate an adequate damage deposit to protect taxpayers from the cost of 500 years of cleanup and maintenance.

If you think that these are reasonable questions, and that PolyMet should have to prove they can answer each one “yes,” please tell the DNR what you think. Every message they receive will influence whether PolyMet is allowed to move forward with their proposed mine.

Go to our Action Alert page, where we’ve made it easy for you to send a message to the DNR.


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